Check Aadhar Card Status Online by Enrollment Number – Download Eaadhar

Check Aadhar Card Status Online By Name and Enrollment Number

We know that Many People want to Know the Full Procedure about how they can Download their Aadhar Card or How to Check Aadhar Card Status Online after Filling up Aadhar Card Application Form? So, Your wait is Over. In this Post, We are Going to Discuss Everything about How you can Check your Aadhar Card Status Online Easily Without taking Anyone’s Help. To check your Aadhar Card Status You need only a few Things Like Your Aadhar Number, Internet Connection, Registered Mobile Number that’s it.

As we all Know that Aadhar Card is Important ID Proof like PAN card and PASSPORT. In India Aadhar Card is 12 Digit Number and Identity Proof given by Government of India also Called as E-Aadhar. The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) is a central government agency. Here is a Simple Process to Get Your Aadhar Card in Easy Steps.

  • In the First Step Fill Up the Aadhar Application Form at Your Nearest Aadhar Card Kendra. (They will Give you Application Number after Filling up Application Form)
  • Now You have your EID and Aadhar Number.
  • In a Next Step Go to UIDAI Official Site HERE.
  • Select Aadhar Number or EID then Enter Captcha.
  • Then Click on Check Status and BOOM you will Get Your Aadhar Card Status.

Now, Let’s Discuss this Steps in Detail to How to Check Aadhar Card Status Online.

Check Aadhar Card Status Online

In this Section, You will Get to Know that how to check Adhaar Card  Status / Enrollment, How to track Your Aadhar card Enrollment Status and How to check Adhaar card Status Online by Name and EID Number. If You want to check Your Aadhar Card Status, You can Go to (Official Website) or

Now, You can check Your Aadhar card Status either by Internet or SMS. If you want to get your Aadhar Card Status using these methods, You should have your Enrollment Number(EID) and Date/time of your Aadhar Enrollment Give in the Application Form.

Check Aadhar Card Status by Enrollment Number

Now If you have Aadhar Number/Enrollment Number then Just Follow the Simple and Easy Steps given below.

  • In the first Step Just visit the official website of the UIDAI (unique identification authority of India)

Check Aadhar Card Status

  • Now in UIDAI Website Just look to your Bottom Left of the web Page and you will see many options listed. You are now supposed to click on the “Check Aadhar Status” (SEE ABOVE IMAGE FOR REFERENCE) option that will Redirect you to Another Page.

Check Aadhar Card Status

  • In the New Window You can see it Looks Like Above Image Put Your Enrollment ID in the EID Box and Your Date/time of enrollment in the next box (You will find enrollment Number and Date/time of enrollment on the slip given to you at the time of enrollment while filling up the Application Form at On of the Aadhar Card Kendra.)
  • In the next step, You can see some Captcha Code. Now Fill up the Captcha Code Given in the Captcha Field. Put the text given in the image in the Box of Captcha.
  • Now, After Filling up the Details Just Click on Check Status tab.

How to Check Aadhar Card Status Offline

If You Don’t have Internet Access or You are Living in a Rural Are Don’t worry You can Still Check your Aadhar Card Status by Sending Simple MESSAGE. To Check Aadhar Card Status by SMS You have to send an SMS or Message to UIDAI and You will get your adhaar status within few seconds. Now follow the Simple Steps given Below to check Aadhar status by SMS in Offline Mode.

Here Note one Thing that You have to Send the SMS by Registered Mobile Number (Mobile Number that is Given by You at the Time of Filling up Aadhar Application Form).

Type SMS Like this: UID STATUS <Your 14-digit Enrollment Number (EID Number)>

Note: All letters Should be Capital with Proper SPACE

Send this SMS to 51969.

You will Recieve an SMS from UIDAI within a Minute.

After Sending the SMS to UIDAI in Respond of Send Message You will get a message like this: “Congratulations, Your adhaar Has been Generated by UIDAI and will be delivered soon.”

Sometimes, You will get a message like this: “Your aadhar is in Process”. Don’t worry It will take some time to generate Aadhar Number.

Check Aadhaar Card Status Online at is the website of Government to check Aadhar Card Status and all updates about E-aadhar. It’s also Called Kiosk Desk. Follow this Simple Steps on this Website.

  • In the First Step Go to website of Aadhar Card Portal. (SEE THE IMAGE. IT’s LOOK SIMILAR)
  • Now Click on Check Aadhar Status BOX in the Middle Left Screen Option like Highlighted in the Below Image.
Aadhar Card Status

Aadhar Card Status

  • After Clicking on Tab You will Redirect to Next Page Listed about Enrollment ID (EID) in the text box. Select EID Option.
  • Now enter date and time of your enrollment which is specified in your Aadhar enrollment slip which you have got during the time if filling Aadhar Application Form.
  • Now You can See some Combination of Words and Numbers. It’s called CAPTCHA CODE. Enter the Captcha Code in Box Given in the Image.
  • After Filling up all Information Just Click on Check status button.
  • After Clicking You will Get Your Aadhar Card Status.

Now you have Checked Your Aadhar Card Status. It’s time to Download E-adhar Card Online for that Read this Post until the End.

Download E-Aadhar Card Online

After Getting your Aadhar Card Status online or offline By SMS you can Download Your Aadhar Card in 2 Simple Methods that is Listed As follows.

  • Download Aadhar Card By EID Number.
  • Download Aadhar Card by Aadhar Number.

Download Eadhar Card by EID number

  • In the First Step Go to Official Website of UIDAI by Clicking HERE.
  • Now Select the appropriate option from “Aadhaar No (UID)” OR “Enrolment No (EID)” if you have 14 digit EID number (EID Number Looks Like – XXXX/XXXXX/XXXXX) then Select EID Option in the Form.Download Aadhar Card
  • In the Next Step Fill up all the Data like Your Full Name in the First box of UIDAI Form.
  • After Entering the Full Name In Second Row Enter Pin Code of your Residential Area.
  • After Pin Code, You can See an Image Containing a combination of Some Text and Numbers, Fill this Captcha Code in 4th Bow.
  • In Next You can See a Box Written as MOBILE NUMBER. Now in that Box enter Your Mobile Number that is Registered with Unique Identification Authority of India (It’s provided by You at the time of filling Aadhar Form)
  • In Last Step Press “GET ONE TIME PASSWORD” Button to Generate OTP.
  • After selecting OTP You will Get one Message Containing Some Password and Number. Now Enter that Number in the Last Column or in Step-2 in UIDAI Site Seen Above.

After Entering OTP Kindly CLICK on “VALIDATE & DOWNLOAD” Button to Download your Aadhar card Online. Within a Few Seconds, one window will Pop up asking Download PDF Document Click on SAVE and Download your Aadhar Card in PDF. it’s a SOFT COPY of your Aadhar Card to make it Hard Take out 1 Colour Print Out and Laminate it.


The Procedure to Download Aadhar Card by Using Aadhar Number is Almost Similar to the Previous Method. Kindly Follow this Steps to download Aadhar card By UID Number.

  • Like in First Method in Second Method Go to Official Website of UIDAI.
  • Now Select the appropriate option from “Aadhaar No (UID)” OR “Enrolment No (EID)” in this Method Select Aadhar Option and Enter 12 digits Aadhar Number (UID NUMBER LOOKS LIKE THIS – xxxx/xxxx/xxxx) in the Field.
  • After Choosing Aadhar Number Option, enter Your Full Name in the First bow of UIDAI Form.
  • After Entering the Name In the Second bow Enter Pin Code of your Residential Area.
  • After entering PIN CODE In Next Step You can See an Image Containing Some Text. it’s called captcha code Kindly Fill this Captcha Code in the Box Given.
  • Now in Next Box Write Your Mobile Number that is Already Registered with UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India).
  • In Last Step Click on “GET ONE TIME PASSWORD” Button to Generate OTP.

CONGRATULATIONS !! Now You have Successfully Downloaded your Aadhar Card.

So, this is the Simple and FULL Procedure to Check Aadhar Card Status Online & Offline and After that Detailed Steps to Download Aadhar Card without any trouble.

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    Easy and straight forward guide I’ve ever seen related to Aadhar card!

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    I have some Mistakes in my Aadhar Card. How to Solve that ?

    1. Admin Post author

      You can Make Aadhar Card Correction and Update your Aadhar Card via Online and Offline Method. Visit our Article regarding this Issue.

    2. P.karthik@karthikeyan

      My aadhar card not process.what problem.what can I do next process.

      1. Admin Post author

        It takes 90 Days To Generate Aadhar Card. But If it has Already Generated Download eaadhar first. Eaadhar is also Equal to Aadhar Card.

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    Great Site! I found this site while searching about Aadhar Card. Totally agree with you, Aadhar Card is very much important.

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      Yes! Agree with You Aadhar is very Important as ID Proof and Many Places in INDIA.

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    DATE OF BIRTH 14/01/1970

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    Hi sir pleas given my aadhaar card it is late eny proof please heal me sir my eddress
    Amit agrawal

    1. Admin Post author

      You can do it in 2 ways 1) Online 2) Offline.

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    1. Admin Post author

      For that Firstly U have to Scan your Passport size photograph and then Upload it to UIDAI Portal.

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    1. Admin Post author

      You can Get your Lost EID Number at UIDAI Portal…Check it.

  19. AnishFathima.B

    Its asking password to open a pdf document.What is the password have to give?

    1. Admin Post author

      Password Is your Area PINCODE (6 Digit Area PINCODE)

  20. Hirak Das Gupta

    repected sir,
    i have allready two time try for getting aadhaar card, bt unfortunatly i am not yet received aadhaar card yet, i am facing the problem for finger print quality, iam tryed atleast 10 to 15 times for better finger print, bt i not get, i am also talk with specalised doctor for the fingher print issue bt they are told me that is the rearest case regarding finguer print quality,
    sir pl resume the problem, i am facing various problem in my daily life without aadhaar card.

    1. Admin Post author

      I respect and Understand Your Problem. I think Your Problem is Rare and Unique. We never Face this kind of Issue. Can you Tell us More about Deeply What exactly your Trouble is ? I mean Scanner Couldn’t able to recognize your Finger Prints or What ?
      You can also Use Different Finger Print Scanner at Different Aadhar Kendra.

  21. Hirak Das Gupta

    My Name – Hirak Dsa Gupta.
    Enrolment No-2189/68930/00920 dt 07/12/2016 12:29:19

    1. Admin Post author

      Information is MISSING Your PINCODE and Register Mobile Numbers are Also Requires to Download Aadhar Card. One IMP Think after Entering All Detail You will Get OTP. So, This Process Should be Done by Your Side Only.

  22. K.Parkavi

    MyJEE mains application form rejected due to missing of my initial in the aadhar card. I have updated my status in aadhar now I want to know when I ll receive the updated aadhar card since only 10days more to apply for JEE mains.My Aadhar no:693938434575

    1. Admin Post author

      Aadhar Update Procedure Takes times. The Main Reason is Everyday Millions of People Make Aadhar card Correction. Meanwhile to get Update Status Daily Check you Aadhar Update Status at If your Aadhar update has Done by Officials you can Easily get Digital Copy of your Aadhar From there itself.
      Online Print is Easier than Home Delivery of Aadhar Card. It takes less time than POST.

  23. Bibudha nanda patra

    Aadhar card down loaded from internet not accepted some agencies. Original aadhar card not received by post.Please instruct how I will get the same.

    1. Admin Post author

      It’s not Possible. Eaadhar is allow everywhere. For Original Aadhar Kindly Wait for few Days.



    1. Admin Post author

      Don’t worry If you Downloaded your Aadhar Card. Just ENTER YOUR AREA PINCODE AS PASSWORD when they ask you for the Password in PDF File.

  25. matiur

    I have no adhar card recieve no three entrolment same prb entrolment no13852008301565,time and 27/09/2016 11:41:45 second entrolment no 13852008301563 time and 27/09/2016 11:23:51 third entrolment no 13852008301564 please carefully answer my

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    I have misplaced my inrollment addar no.then how will know
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    1. Admin Post author

      There is an Option to Get it Back. Go to UIDAI Portal and Click on Find Lost EID/UID Number and enter all details. You will get your Enrolment number back.


    MY ENROL NO is.1108/19913/12872 date:22/09/2016 16:38:54

    1. Admin Post author

      Then You have to Wait for some time Because many Applications are Pending Nowadays due to Denomination Problem.

    1. Admin Post author

      Kindly Provide DATE And TIME given in Aadhar Slip. Then We will Proceed Further.

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  30. Sheri Raja Manideep

    Please re-check your details, data does not match our records this error i am getting, i got the number on my registered mobile Number.

    1. Admin Post author

      It Means Your Aadhar Card is Yet not Generated. You have to Wait for Some Days. Check after Few Days.

  31. Prakhar

    I applied for Aadhar Card on 26th December and got enrollment number; today on 28th December, my status on the official website is reflecting as “Record not found”.I have rechecked my enrollment number and time of application. I am not sure whether this requires me to take any immediate action or should I wait for sometime.

    1. Admin Post author

      It will Take Some time. Within 2 Days You can’t able to Download your New Aadhar Card. At least Wait for 1 or 2 Weeks.

  32. bibhu

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    1. Admin Post author

      Ye isliye Kyuki Aadhar Application Bharne ke Baad atleast 2 week tak Apko Intezar karna padta he Online Adhar Card Download Karne Ke liye. Apka Aadhar Card Process me Hi hoga. Thode dino Baad Check kijiye.

    1. Admin Post author

      It’s Very Simple. Read all the Fields Carefully and Right your All the Right Information. Submit Form to UIDAI.

  33. Mohd jamaluddin ansari

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    1. Mohd jamaluddin ansari

      My adharcard is issud but my photo is damase so my photo is change

    2. Admin Post author

      Photo Correction is Not Possible. You have to Visit Nearest Aadhar Card Kendra To resolve this Problem.


    After updating request to register my mobile no.,in status it says your aadhar is temporarly inactivated.

    1. Admin Post author

      After Updating Your Aadhar Info You have to Wait for some Days Because they are Reviewing Your Application. Check after Few Days.

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    1. Admin Post author

      I understand Your Problem. So, When you Download your Eaadhar You have to Enter your PINCODE of Your Area as PASSWORD of PDF. There is a Possibility that You have Entered Wrong PINCODE because Password is 100% Your Area PINCODE. Try again to enter right Pincode.

  37. Rajnikant M Patel

    Respected sir my mother name is Shardaben Muljibhai Patel but aadhar slip is missing my mobile no 9428519486 pl.sent me my mother aadhar card

    1. Admin Post author

      I can Understand Your Issue. But To download Adhar Card We need More Info Like EID Number, Full Name with TIME & DATE, Registered Mobile Number etc. Kindly Provide all Info then and Then We can Proceed further.

  38. Pratibha Krishnappa Kapale

    Respected Sir,
    My Adhar Card is lost, but My adhar enrollment no.1178/51039/00018 not date & Time, Adhar no is 384989854259, but not register to my mobile no. How take to print addhar card sir Pls. Help me sir

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    1. Admin Post author

      We can’t Download your Adhar card Because OTP Will be Sent to Your Registered Mobile Number.

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  42. Shakila Banu I

    My EID is 20433098400606 10/06/2016 15:33:36 when I received the acknowledge Slip at the time of Enrollment later after 2months, When I check the status it Prompts “This enrolment has been Rejected as duplicate” and displays an id “Your Duplicate EID :2007/32565/14374 24/05/2012 12:49:20” when i tried this it says its generated and will be posted from last 4 months, But I haven’t enroll to aadhar before in the said date & time as mentioned in Duplicate id, I have tried calling 1947 but there are saying that i have applied earlier, went in person to the local aadhar offices and explain that i haven’t enrolled earlier but no one is believing me, recently in news i heard one as received to Aadhar cards in the same, so I believe it might be the entry fault, I had tried all steps with duplicate id to view my details but no use, Do i need to go for new Aadhar enrollment Kindly help me to sove this issue

    1. Admin Post author

      It’s a Unique Case. I understand Your Concern. Let me tell you something In India There are Many Faces this Problems because due to Large Population there is a Chance of Misconception of Adhar Detail. In this Case We will Suggest you to Ask any Aadhar Card Officer at Aadharkendra or You can Fill up New Aadhar Card Application. We hope this will Solve your Problem.


    My Aadhar Number is 9112 0144 3823.However the mobile number mentioned in my aadhar card was 9874208292 which is now not in service and closed by the service provider.I want to add my new mobile number as 8886423443 online so that i can update my present status & data.
    Please help.


    I applied for Aadhar Card on 13th December and got enrollment number; today on 28th December, my status on the official website is reflecting as “Record not found”.I have rechecked my enrollment number and time of application. I am not sure whether this requires me to take any immediate action or should I wait for sometime. My father enrollment number 1527/00075/00312; date 13/12/2016; time 17:26:20

    1. Admin Post author

      Yes! Wait for Some more Time. We have Manually Checked your Aadhar Card Status. The Record has not Found.

  45. shiv pratap singh

    Sir Ak aadhar card nikal nahi rah hi agar status chek karne par This Aadhaar number is cancelled due to duplicate. For more details please call 1947 a raha hi is aadhar card me kya kare pichli rasid nahi mili thi

    1. Admin Post author

      Harbar Ekhi Detail Dalne se Ye issue Hota he. Contact Nearest Aadhar card Office to Solve this Problem.

  46. Santu Kumar sil

    My UID no is invalid when am going to check. Uid no 2010/78901/00847 time 10-12-2016. 10:44:58

    1. Admin Post author

      Then Use EID (Enrolment ID) Number instead of UID Number.

  47. aneesh john

    Hi,I am not able to take print out of Adhar card.My enrolements number is :2043/66314/07665.

    Kindly help me in getting the same.

    1. Admin Post author

      If you have Downloaded Eaadhar ENTER Area PINCODE as Password.



  49. Mukesh kundal

    1355/56787/68826 date 19/02/2016 time 11:56:24 check it

    1. Admin Post author

      Without Registered Mobile Number it is not Possible to Check Mobile Number.

  50. Karthik kannan

    I had applied for my son card on 27/12/16.Till now I have not receive any message or notification .How will I know about the application status??

    1. Admin Post author

      First Check Aadhar Card Status if you Want to Download Eaadhar. If not then Wait for 3 Months to get Original Aadhar card by Courier.

  51. Prince

    how to find my actual name in my adhaar with my adhaar no.???

    1. Admin Post author

      LOL…It’s Simple. Just Show the Aadhar Holder Name. That is the Name you have Provided at the Time of Registration.

  52. Amul Mary

    I lost my aadhar card acknowledgement slip and registered mobile no and my email id also pls help me to know and get my aadhar card

    1. Admin Post author

      In this Case Check your Aadhar Card Status using Registered Mobile Number.

  53. rajeswari

    dear sir,

    My aadhar card address change,pls linking the my mobile Number 9047353536

    Aadhar Number:4189/7776/7273

  54. Punam

    as i lost my UID/EID slip. I searched by name and mobile number. Once I got one time password. After getting adhaar no. i again submitted button for OTP but the remark”The registered mobile number is not valid” flashed on the screen. Kindly help. Adhaar No is: 896476345199

    1. Admin Post author

      It is Possible that You have Entered Wrong Register Mobile Number. Kindly Check it Again

  55. gyanb

    dear sir mere pass EID no. hai 12079072804128 or mera register mo. band ho chuka h but m apna aadhar download nahi kr pa raha hu usme likha aata h congratulation card has been generated but download kaisa hoga pls tell me mob. 9219737271

    1. Admin Post author

      In this Case To get OPT We suggest you to Change or Update your Latest Mobile Number to Get OTP after this Change You will able to Receive OTP.

  56. Rahul

    in my apartment 1month back regarding correction in Adar card can b change by paying 100rup per each correction they said I paid 100rupee nd change by date of birth by giving correct year they took money they said it was changed but til now it is not change when I cal them nd ask they r saying the server is not accepting u check in e-Adar it wil show how to check whether it is replace or not

    1. Admin Post author

      First thing Don’t Pay Single Rupee to Anyone when You can Do this Change Yourself without Spending Penny. Second If he has Made Change Kindly Check your Eaadhar Status at and If your Eaadhar has Generated Download Digital Copy and Use for Future Reference.

    1. Admin Post author



    Sir my daughter name is N ALAGHU SOWDESHWARI but in aadhaar card name is ALAGU SOWDESWARI NATESAN card no.5433 0855 0379 for correction I send school ID proof on 11-03-2017.sir this correction is important for online registration of any exam pl do needful thankyou

    1. Admin Post author

      So This Change may Take 2 Weeks. Wait for it and then Check it Again.

  58. Pratapsingh r verma

    I have not any receipt of adhar registration and my adhar not delivered to me now how can i get my adhaar card

    1. Admin Post author

      Without Aadhar Receipt How you registered Aadhar Card ?

  59. chandrakala

    Respected Sir i have correction aadhaar card of my mother on 31/12/2016 but it has not generate by now. How many time it will take? Plz tell me its urgent

    1. Admin Post author

      So, First You have to Get Your Lost EID and Then Download Duplicate Aadhar (Eaadhar).

  60. Kisan

    Link to download aadhaar card is not working from last few days. Is there any other option to download aadhaar card soft copy from internet?

    1. Admin Post author

      May be there is a SERVER Problem Because of Heavy Traffic. Try to Download at Early Morning or at Late Night.

  61. Prakhar Mishra

    I changed my Date of birth in online Aadhar Portal but i did not receive original Aadhar Card which comes by courier. Some of Banks does not allow E Aadhar Card.

    Please suggest

    1. Admin Post author

      If you have Filled Aadhar Application Recently then You have to Wait for at least 3 Months to get Original Aadhar Card.

  62. navnath gunjal

    hi i am navnath gunjal my elder son swaraj gunjal he is 3 years old on 16/03/2016 at anganwadi of H type rangehills khadki pune they took finger print offline but no massage from them they not given me acknowledgement, i dont have any number can you tell me what i do know?

    1. Admin Post author

      We Understand Your Issue. They Must Have Given one Aadhar Application Receipt with EID Number and Time and Date. If they Haven’t Given Talk to them As soon as Possible because if in Future You need to Check Your Aadhar Card Status Without his EID Details You can’t Do it.

  63. Rahul

    how can i find out my aadhar card status if I have lost the Enrollment ID?

  64. sai kiran

    Pls help me that how i will know about Adhaar card has been tampered/Edited….is there any link so that i can know directly through Adhaar no.

    1. Admin Post author

      I am Sorry But There is No Way to Know about this Kind of Info. You have to Keep Checking Your Aadhar Update Status Daily for this at UIDAI.

  65. sudhir babhulkar

    sir ,i have updated name,dob,adress change several times by online update service but all time it’s rejected due to illegal documents.tell me why it’s how i do procedure for successful updatation.
    sudhir babhulkar



    Is it true that those who entrolled before the age of 15years needs to renew their adhaar registration, specially those students applying for national entrance examinations.Pls advise.

  67. Purav Kumar

    Purav Kumar s/o Deepak Kumar B 13 Madipur J J COLONY DELHI 110063

  68. Mst.Masirah Nazneen

    Mst,Masirah Nazneen d/o Md Masudur Rahman Laskar Village Tilpi Post Tilpi P/s Joynagar 24 Parganas south 743337.Enrolment no 1528/65023/12015Date16/09/2016.09:50:19 pls submit my daughter aadher card

  69. ponnusamy

    Dear sir

    Enrollment No;2193/00703/01784 Date;-23/01/2017 Time;-13;41;28
    Name;-sanjai (male) Father Name;-Ponnusamy, place;- chithirampatty,Meenaveli (Post),
    Viralimalai -Taluk,Pudukkottai -DT, Tamil Nadu state,pin 621305
    phone number; 9655548312,Email ;

  70. Karunya N

    I had some corrections in my Aadhar card and I got it rectified offline. Now I had even downloaded the eaadhar but I have not received any post of my original Aadhar Card. I am in an emergency of Aadhar because only then I can appear for JEE-MAINS and NEET entrance exams as Aadhar card is mandatory…

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