Aadhar Card Application Form for Government ID Proof

A free service to every Indian citizen from the government, also it is mandatory to get aadhar card for everyone. For this, the government has built the website and opens various aadhar centers at your location or nearby location. You can go to the nearest center in order to apply for aadhar card or download the aadhar card application form online. There are no charges to application form hence; you can download the aadhar card from the website: UIDAI.

Some people prefer to go to the center to fill the aadhar card application form because it requires less time, free from the complex procedure, moreover someone is available to you for your work. If you want to apply for aadhar card, apply it soon because the process will take a little time.

Things to Know Before Aadhar Registration

Things to Know Before Aadhar Registration
Things to Know Before Aadhar Registration

There is no need to pre-assume anything before registering for aadhar. It completely depends on your choice whether to apply for aadhar or not. If you do not have aadhar card, you will not be excluded from any privilege from the government.

The second thing is the issuance of aadhar card depends on your activity. Means, when you visit the aadhar center then you can apply for aadhar after giving your photograph, required documents, and biometric. No one visits your house for aadhar registration

The actual process of aadhar card registration begins when you fill the form and make an appointment at the nearest aadhar center and submit all the information, get the enrolment number, verify the details, and at the end get the aadhar number. Look at the process for aadhar card application form download.

The Process to Apply For Aadhar Card

Process to Apply For Aadhar Card
The process to Apply For Aadhar Card

The application process for aadhar card includes the form filling online, booking the appointment, and then visiting the aadhar enrolment center. Alternatively, you can directly visit the enrolment center without booking the appointment online.

  • First, find the enrolment center at the nearest location on the website
  • Book an appointment to save the time
  • On the day of the appointment, make sure you reach on time so that the time will not miss

Once you reach the center, you are expected to do these things:

  • The first thing is to fill the aadhar card application form so that you can get the enrolment number. You can fill up the form online before going to the center because it is available online too
  • Once the form is filled up, submit it with the required documents
  • The documents needed are—address proof, other government identity proof, matriculation certificate, etc
  • Once the documents are submitted, you need to give the biometric print of eye and fingers.
  • The final step is a photograph for record

Once you submit the details, the process is complete for aadhar card application but make sure you take the acknowledgment slip containing the enrolment number. This is 14-digits enrolment number, which helps in online login of the aadhar card application form to check the status of the application, and to correct any filled detail.

Get the Digital Aadhar Card Letter

Once the biometric and data get submitted, you need to wait for the aadhar card arrival. It will take 60-90 days for the aadhar card received at you home via post. However, if you need the card immediately, you can download the copy of e-aadhar online.

  • Go to the website UIDAI at e-Aadhar section
  • A form will appear, to which fill the enrolment number because the aadhar number is still not allotted
  • Enter the name, time, and date as mentioned on the acknowledgment slip
  • Enter the name, pin code of the area
  • Registered mobile number
  • Once the details are entered, generate OTP. You will receive the OTP on the registered mobile number via SMS
  • It will navigate to the next page that will let you download the colored version of aadhar card that is equally valid as aadhar card.

When OTP Is Not Received


Today the mobile number if each individual is used as a security generator whether it is for aadhar card or other secure banking. The whole system is designed in such a way that it requires OTP on the registered mobile number. Hence, it is advisable to use only one number that is linked to your main accounts. An OTP is sent to the mobile number for authentication reasons. What if, the OTP will not be received at the mobile number in case of aadhar card login authentication. What are the reasons for not receiving the OTP—blocked sim, unregistered mobile number, mobile storage full, network issue, etc.

Ensure the application is not rejected

When the OTP is not received on the mobile number, this indicates your application may also get rejected. This could be the result of not submitting the proper documents or having an enrolment number already. If you do not get the aadhar card at your address and online the status is shown as rejected, then you may need to apply for the fresh aadhar card or enroll fresh. For applying for fresh enrolment number and aadhar card, follow the same procedure, book the appointment, and complete the registration process.

After aadhar card received

Once you receive the aadhar card at your address, check the filled details online. This helps in getting the correct information and keeps your card up-to-date with the latest information. Online service is available to update the aadhar card information.

Check the status online or get the SMS

In order to check the status of aadhar card, there are two options—one is go to the UIDAI website and use the enrolment number to check aadhar card application form status. The process of checking the status online is incredibly simple. You can do it if find enrollment number is missing. Alternatively, you can get the aadhar status information via SMS. Go the website and enter the enrolment number, date and time of the appointment, and registered mobile number.

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