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Aadhar card by UDI is the 12-digits unique identification number issued to every Indian citizen. It is launched by the government of Indian and not almost 80% of Indians have applied for this code. However, due to some reasons, some applications were rejected. Government is enforcing to every citizen to have this number to identify them by their fingerprint, face, and proof that they are a citizen of Indian. To clear the confusion, it is another identity card attached to your data not replacing the existing PAN, driving license and election card. It is single identity proof that serves all the purpose of face identity, addresses identity, and fingerprint identity. Aadhar card Correction online without mobile number registered is explained below step by step.

Now the government wants everyone to attach their aadhar number to every account and services taken by India like—electricity bill, telephone bill, gas connection, bank accounts, etc. However, there is some confusing regarding aadhar card verification and its issuance, and download. The missing mobile number or blocked number creates a technical issue to correct and download the form.  This is the article regarding Aadhar card correction online without mobile number registered.

Correction without Mobile Number Registered

As there can be much error while filling the form but there is a facility to correct these error online or offline. Here is a detailed description of how to do aadhar card correction online without a mobile number. This is offline process since the mobile number is not registered to receive the OTP.

An important document does not only rely on a mobile number of a person because in this way mobile number becomes the first identity of the person rather than Aadhar card but is most important identity proof of Indian nowadays. However, for every instance of the aadhar card registered mobile number is required for authentication. Here are steps that show how to correct aadhar card without a mobile number.

We do not know which error can creep into our data and when we need to change the data. Sometimes when address or name is a change of the person, it needs to be changed in every government document. It due to mobile number mismatch or forget people usually search for aadhar card correction online without mobile number so that no OTP will be generated.

Download Aadhar Card without Registered Mobile Number

Without a mobile number, no update regarding aadhar card will be received and you may face difficulty to correct the details in aadhar card

  • The verification is done through the mobile number and you receive the enrolment number on this registered mobile number.
  • Let us know apart from the mobile number, other details can correct online on Aadhar card—full name, permanent address, gender, mobile number, date of birth, and email id.

The offline method to correct or change the mobile number

  • First, you need to find the nearest aadhar card enrolment center in your area. It does not matter where you applied for the card and currently, you are living. You can search for centre online.
  • Fill the details like state, district, and town or sub-district. It will display the list of centre nearby your location or select the centre where you can reach feasibly.
  • Visit the centre and fill the form for Aadhar mobile number update. You can fill the fill for other details update also. There is normal charge of INR 100 may require for the process. The changes will be made to the aadhar card detail and you will receive your card at your postal address in 7 to 10 days. This card will have same identification number but the database details have been changed.
  • Check the status of the card by clicking the given link: UIDAI
  • Enter the enrolment id and security code to check the status of your aadhar card.

Online process of mobile number update

You need to link at least one mobile number to the aadhar account, if the number is lost or not working, change the number by offline means of number change mentioned above. The online process is for an update of a mobile number or adding another number in-place of existing mobile number.

  • Open the official website of UIDAI
  • Click on the aadhar update details under the option Aadhar update online
  • A new window will pop out that is self service update portal, you need to click on the end of the page mentioning update/correct request.
  • Again a new window will open requesting aadhar number after filling the entire detail click on the sent OTP field.
  • Verify the mobile number. After that, the form will open with your personal details update the required detail and click next.
  • You may need to upload some scanned documents as per the change required and complete the process.

The above method describes the aadhar card correction online without mobile number registered. However, to update the mobile number online, first, you need to update the number offline.

In case, the mobile number is lost the aadhar card mobile number lost will be updated as the method mentioned above. It must update the number offline then verify the number online by login into your account and receive OTP on the registered mobile number.

 How to Register Mobile Number in Aadhar Card Online Without OTP

It is not possible to change the aadhar card details without a mobile number. Name, gender, address, and age can be changed if you get the OTP on your mobile no. To chance the mobile number, just visit the nearest aadhar card center and fill the form. Either for mobile number correction, change, lost, and registers of mobile number; first, you need to follow the offline process of form filling them online.

For rest of the process follow the above-mentioned steps to register mobile and number online and verification procedure for aadhar card correction online without a mobile number. When the OTP is send to your registered mobile number then it will be confirm that your current number is registered number.

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