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mAadhar is an application for card download on mobile. Nowadays, people are using a mobile phone more often than laptops and computers. These are handy and easily approachable as well as affordable. This is the reason many companies are launching their mobile apps for easy approach and use. Either private or government companies, they are also using this technique so that every citizen can get benefits from government schemes. Likewise, aadhar card download on mobile is also possible with the aadhar card mobile application. These apps are launched on app stores, google play stores, Samsung stores, etc. means you can download these apps from any store.

mAadhar is an official mobile application for Indian citizen. It is developed by the Unique Identification Authority of India in order to provide a virtual interface between aadhar card holders to carry their demographic identity. Every person’s name, date of birth, address, and gender is linked with the aadhar number is available in their smartphones. Through thisaadhar card download on mobile is easy and convenient.

The Latest Report on Aadhar Card

The transaction using aadhar card has been increased nearly about 150Cr in the month of September from 100Cr the previous month. This big spike in the use of aadhar card has inspired the government to launch a mobile application so that aadhar card download on a mobile phone would become easier along with authentication.

According to the report of October month 2017, there is 148.3 transactions were done through the aadhar card last month was more than India’s population. This phenomenal increase in the use of aadhar card suggests that average person is using it once a day to avail any government service. With nearly 118.5Cr users of aadhar card in India and making it popular among other users, the government had decided to launch the mobile app to aadhar card download on mobile. mAadhar is the application on which every kind of authentication is done based on OTP.

Issues Faced By Maadhar Application

There was a great issue faced by the UIDAI were the poor network and the weak signal causing a delay in the OTP delivery to the registered mobile number.  At time password, do not get delivered on time on the mobile number. Hence, it delays the aadhar card download on mobile. This application is more popular in the urban area where people do not like to carry their ID card in their pocket. They want everything on phone.

Use of mAadhar Mobile Application

Today’s trend is not carrying aadhar card everywhere for verification and getting other aadhar based services. UIDAI has launched a mAadhar app that will allow users to carry their identity number on mobile, also aadhar card download on mobile with this app. Nay user can download aadhar card number on the mobile phone without the requirement of any hard copy wherever it is applicable.

The mAadhar application allows the user to carry demographic information on their smartphones like—name, address, gender, DOB, and photograph. This app was launched on Google play for android users only and about to release for iOS users soon. Moreover, the user cannot carry aadhar card on mobile number as identification proof everywhere but they can also lock and unlock their biometric data linked to the aadhar to secure the data and other personal information. Along with this, the mAadhar users can share their aadhar information with the banks to share their KYC details and get services of telecommunication companies.

Features of the mAadhar Application

  • A person having aadhar number can download aadhar cardon mobile to get their information anywhere, everywhere, and anytime. This is the convenient way to carry aadhar identification number.
  • Biometric locking and unlocking are to secure the biometric authentication through the application. It secures the biometric data by locking the biometrics. Once the biometric locking system is enabled, the biometric remains locked until the aadhar cardholder unlocks it or disable the locking system.
  • TOTP generation—it is the time based one-time password that is automatically generated on a temporary basis in place of SMS based OTP. This quick OTP is different for every user and active for few seconds.
  • Update aadhar profile with the help of this app. An updated aadhar data will show after the successful completion of the update request.
  • Share the QR code and eKYC data by the mAadhar applicationto retrieve the accurate demographic instead of filling manual entry. Here the KYC is password-protected data.

Note for Users

The person should have registered mobile sim card number to get to use the mAadhar card. In case the mobile number is not registered with the aadhar card, go the nearest center to update the aadhar card and register the mobile number. You can also update any information missing on the card so that it will be convenient to use the digital identity card.

Usage Guidelines:

  • The applicant will ask for the pass-code just after the application is opened as the first step of confirmation consent of the user. You can generate your own password that is an only numeric form of 4-digits.
  • Complete aadhar profile can be downloaded from the mobile phone that has a registered mobile number. Registered number is the number linked to the aadhar number while an application to receive OTP.
  • When using the mobile app, don’t navigate the mobile application untill the SMS is about to receive the mobile phone number. mAadhar will automatically read the OTP received on the mobile phone.
  • While using the app, there is no provision to enter the OTP manually. This is a unique security feature so that no other person can log in your aadhar app.
  • mAadhar need to connect and fetch data from UIDAI so make sure you have internet connection on the mobile phone.
  • If your aadhar profile is made on the device at one time and you want to create another profile on new mobile using the same SIM, then the profile will be deleted on the older phone and become inactive. You may need to create another fresh profile on the new phone.
  • If your family member has the same mobile number registered on aadhar, then you can upload their profile also.

These are the steps that you need to follow when it comes to aadhar card download on mobile

Video Explanation | Aadhar Card Download on Mobile

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