How to do BSNL Aadhaar link Online, IVR, and through BSNL Swift App

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) is one of the largest and leading public sector organization. It provides a comprehensive range of telecom services across India. Central Government has directed to do BSNL Aadhaar link online, offline and through IVR. The reason is to get all possible authenticity of the mobile subscribers.

Linking Aadhaar with BSNL | Three Ways

There are possible two ways to connect BSNL with Adhaar card. These are

  1. At BSNL Centre
  2. IVR – Interactive Voice Response
  3. BSNL Swift App

Linking BSNL with Aadhar | At BSNL Center

Follow the below steps to get connection between you aadhaar and bsnl. Otherwise there are chances that your connection will be deactivated soon.

Step-1: Find a BSNL center nearby area and have a visit there.
Step-2: Take BSNL sim and original aadhaar card to prove your identity
Step-3: On your turn provide the SIM to a BSNL representative.
Step-4: Let him/her enter your data and you will receive an SMS. This is an OTP.
Step-5: Immediately provide him/her that 6-digits OTP.
Step-6: Now handover him your Aadhaar and let him scan or make a photocopy.
Step-7: You will be asked for finger prints.
Step-8: You are done! Leave the center and you will receive an SMS at your BSNL connection.
Step-8: Reply it “Y”

That’s it! Your Aadhaar is linked with BSNL and you will receive a conformation SMS.

Linking BSNL with Aadhar | IVR – Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response is considered to be the easiest and hassle-free method to connect BSNL with aadhaar card.

Note: your mobile should be already linked to UIDAI aadhaar database or else you will not receive a required OTP.

Follow the below steps;

Step-1: Make a Call at 14546 – A toll-free number for BSNL users
Step-2: Select your preferred language. English, Hindi or any of your regional language.
Step-3: Follow the instructions to proceed and select “Link Aadhaar with Mobile Number” option.
Step-4: You will be asked to enter your 12-digits Aadhaar card number.
Step 5: Enter, confirm it and you are done.

You will receive a confirmation SMS on successful linking process.

 Linking BSNL with Aadhar | BSNL Swift

Many agents that are selling SIM cards have an access to BSNL Swift App and they will connect your number during the time of purchase.

All you have to provide them you Aadhaar card number. Once they will enter your UIDAI aadhaar number. It needs a database verification online automatically.

This the same process for most of the Telcom providers across Indian.

Linking BSNL with Aadhar | FAQ’s

Question-1: How to check if my number is already registered with BSNL or not?
Answer: Visit, enter your BSNL number, Aadhaar number and the captcha. You will get the status displayed on screen.
Question – 2: If I don’t verify my number then what will happen?
Answer: It will get deactivated and you can’t use after due dates. But 31st March was the last date and now connections are already pre-activated.
Question – 3: What is the fee of Aadhaar verification?
Answer: There is no fee for verification at BSNL or any telecom operator across India.
Question – 4: How many times the verification is allowed?
Answer: Once its done then no worries as no deactivation will be done and is permanent activation.
Question – 5: What documents are required for BSNL verification?
Answer: Only Aadhaar Card number is enough.

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