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E Aadhar Password to Open the Aadhar Card File

eAadhar password : The PDF form of aadhar card contains the aadhar number that is 12-digits identification number for every Indian citizen. Thus, only Indian resident can avail this facility. It holds both demographic and biometric information of an individual person who has this identification number. This carried out by the UIDAI. Moreover, the PDF of the aadhar card can be downloaded from the website and it requires the eAadhar password to open it.

One can download the aadhar card online by opening the link—https://eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in/. Once the aadhar card PDF is downloaded, it is password protected and it will require a password to open it. The password to this file is 8 characters—either it is pin code of your residential area or initial 4 alphabets of your name combined with a year of birth.

The password is in a given forma at of first 4 letters of the name written in Capital form. The name must be same as mentioned in aadhar card and birth year. Like Abhigyan is named and he is born on 1989, then the password will be like ABHI1989. Example of e-aadhar passwords is as follows. If people have only 3 characters in his/her name like Ram and Sia and their date of birth year is 1989 then the password will be RAM1989 and SIA1989 respectively.

E Aadhaar Pdf Download

E Aadhaar Pdf Download
E Aadhaar Pdf Download

UIDAI keeps the E-aadhar PDF download file password protected because  PDF is considered as the safe digital format of the file but if it is protected with the password then it increases the security of the file. To open the file, the combination of the first 4 letter of the name is required as mentioned above with date of the birth year. This combination is called as eaadhaar PDF download password.

How to Open Aadhar Card Pdf File without Password

How to Open Aadhar Card Pdf File without Password
How to Open Aadhar Card Pdf File without Password

As UIDAI provides the unique identification number to every individual, hence, it does not gives the provision to download the file without a password. Hence, it is waste to search for ‘how to open Aadhar card PDF file without password’. Once the file can be downloaded on the system, it requires a password to open so that the authentication will be maintained at any cost. It serves the purpose of unique identity.

Here are the steps to download and print eAadhar card with password:

  • Whatever the reason behind the download of the aadhar card—visit the official website to download the file https://eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in/.
  • Go to the aadhar enrolment option and select the aadhar download option.
  • Now the page will open where it will require your personal detail—the two options are available there—one is enrolment number and another is aadhar number.
  • Select either enrolment number or aadhar number. Select the option that is convenient for you.
  • For enrolment number—you have received the acknowledge slip with enrolment number, date, and time of the aadhar application.
  • If you select the enrolment id—then you need to fill the 14-digits of enrolment number with date and time in the first row.
  • If you have selected the aadhar number—you need to enter the 12-digits aadhar number
  • Then fill the name as mentioned on the aadhar card while registration
  • In the next block, fill the pin code of the postal address as mentioned while registration for aadhar number
  • Enter the image text given in the box in the required field.
  • Now enter the mobile number as mentioned on the aadhar card registration form.
  • Now click on the get OTP. Once the OTP is received on the mentioned mobile number—fill it in the required field and click on the ‘validate and download’ tab.
  • Then you will start downloading. This is Eaadhar card.

How to Open Aadhar Card Pdf File Password

Once the file is downloaded, know the detail how to open aadhar card PDF file password. So there are two ways to open the file with the password. One is mentioned above and here is another method. You can enter the pin code of the postal address that you have mentioned while registering for aadhar number.

If the pin code password does not match then try the above-mentioned password—containing first four initial letters of the name along with the birth year. After opening the aadhar card with the password, you can print the E aadhar card. If you want to under how aadhar card password work—visit the link for better understanding https://eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in/#/popup.

Aadhar Card Password Not Working

If the aadhar card password not working, then try another method to download the card. Like there are two passwords for aadhar card one is pin code of the postal area and another is name and date of the birth year. If both the methods are not working, try to visit the nearest enrolment center or call at UIDAI customer care.

E Aadhar Card Download

For E-aadhar card download, follow the method mentioned above. You can download the aadhar card from the official website or update the information on the website, or change the personal data if required.

Aadhaar Card PDF Password Remover

For Aadhar card PDF password remover, follow the following method.

  • Open the Google Chrome browser
  • Press the Ctrl+O to open the aadhar card PDF file that has already been downloaded
  • Select the PDF file and click on the open button
  • Enter the password as mentioned at top of the article and click on the submit button or press enter
  • Once the PDF file is open, press the Crtl+P to print the page
  • On the print page option, click on the change button placed at the left side of the page
  • Now select the destination location where you want to save the PDF file.
  • Now click on the save button and file is saved.

This way you can save the PDF file in another PDF file without a password.

Aadhar Verification

Your aadhar verification is done once you enter the registered mobile number or email address on which you will receive the OTP to download the aadhar card.

E Aadhar Password to Open the Aadhar Card File
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