How to Check AP Ration Card Status

Ration card is considered as one of the most crucial document that every citizen of India supposed to have. It is issued under an authority of the State Government to purchase subsidized food grain under National Food Security Act. Ration Card is issued per family. It is not compulsory for citizens to acquire it. However, citizens who want to get subsidized food may need to get that from state government where they belong to. As a document, it helps the government to identify you. Through this ration card, gas connection is given. Gas cylinder provided by the government will be routed through ration card to your bank account. Let us see How to check AP Ration Card Status step by step.

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For the people who are below their poverty line. Since through ration card, the government provides subsidized food articles to the poor, for any government scheme ration cards is a necessary document.

Through Online

Check Ration Card Status Through Online?
Check Ration Card Status Through Online

Ration card of Andhra Pradesh state can be downloaded from Andhra Pradesh civil supplies department official website. Anyone if missed or lost their ration card anywhere, you have the chance to download your ration card easily by making AP Ration Card number Verification online registration. If already applied for your lost ration card, then you can check ration card status through online, the webpage which will fulfill all your requirements at one click. Anyways, If your ration card has any issues or mistakes and you are trying to make them correct, to check Ration card status in AP all you need to do is to visit the website which is owned by Andhra Pradesh civil supplies.

If anyone has already applied for a new ration card and till they did not receive it or if they face any technical issues those people can easily overcome all these problems. There are some simple steps that every person has to follow to check their Ration card status in AP. Hereby we had mentioned some easy steps as follows

  • Visit the official web page to know New AP Ration Card Status and search for the link “Online Ration Card or Food Security Card”. If not then scroll down there are a Three options available there
  • Print Ration Card -> Search Ration Card -> Transaction History -> Application Search.
  • You have to click on Print Ration Card. Based on your Old Ration Card NO or Application Number.
  • Or else you can also enter your Aadhar Card Number and click on the search button.
  • Once you getting into your home page enter anyone name of the concerned family member and click on submit option.
  • In Next page, it displays your ration card unique number, copy that number and get back from the home page.
  • For your reference, if you need you can download it and get a print copy for your own use.

Through Android App

Yes, people from Andhra can check their Ration card status in AP by using AP EPDS Android App

  • Download and install the official AP EPDS Mobile App (Android App) on your Smartphone from Google Play Store or you can download it from the below link After the installation, Open the application and various features of the application will be displayed
  • Click on “Track Application” option which is displayed on your Smartphone screen
  • Now it will be redirected to a new page, you need to enter “Ration Card Number” and submit.
  • If your ration card number is correct, then your Ration card status in AP will be displayed.

Ration Cards Types

Ration card is one of the oldest and important documents in the country. Initially, it was issued to all the households people who are living in the nation. Before the arrival of other documents like passport and PAN (Permanent Account Number) card, ration card is used as identity proof as well as address proof. But still, it works as an important in order to get other documents like Aadhar card etc.

Andhra Pradesh Government introduced E-Ration Cards which is known as (EPDS – Electronic Public Distribution System). This is done for the convenience of citizens who belongs to Andhra Pradesh. It is very useful as applicants can secure ration cards. And it is easy to check their food grains availability and costs online. This initiative has been taken by the government of Andhra Pradesh in order to put an end to complaints.

Hence ration cards are provided for people from all social stratum. Both above Poverty Line (APL) or Below Poverty Line (BPL) are issued this official card.

The Government of Andhra Pradesh offers two types of EPDS Ration Cards which are as follows:

White Ration Cards: This kind of ration cards is issued by Andhra Pradesh government for the people who are under below poverty line (BPL).

Pink Ration Cards: This kind of Ration Cards is issued by Andhra Pradesh government for the families who are above the poverty line (APL). The website offered by the Andhra Pradesh State Government will assist the applicants to get the information about the Andhra Pradesh state government Ration Card, their Ration card status in AP and Food Security Card Research.

AP Ration Card Application

It’s easy to apply for an Andhra Pradesh ration card. And easy to check Ration card status in AP if you follow all the simple steps properly. The process used to apply for a ration car is very simple. Before the arrival of EPDS, it’s required that applicants have to fill up a simple application form. This gradually resulted in a number of fake cards. After that Government of Andhra Pradesh (EPDS of AP) came up with a new secured application format to deal with the crucial situation.

For the benefit of nationalities who residing at AP, the Government of Andhra Pradesh has implemented two methods of application- first is the online Ration Card status online method for those who can easily access to the internet, and the second is an offline method, for people who are uneducated and do not have access to internet infrastructure.

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