Download Aadhaar Without Mobile Number

The mobile number seems to be a very necessary part of our life. It requires everywhere from banks to government exam forms. A person can live without an identity card but not without a mobile number. It would be beneficial if mobile numbers can be a government identity card. You just need to tell your number and all the data flashes in front of you. However, the government has launched a different plan for unique identity number or aadhar card for every Indian citizen but it requires a mobile number for further process. Here we have explained how to Aadhar Card Download Without Mobile Number.

If you do not own a mobile number, or if the number is deactivated that you have registered at the time of aadhar application, and now you need to download the aadhar card from the website. There are proper procedure and steps that shows how to download aadhar card online without a mobile number.

In this article, there is clear talk about aadhar card download without registered mobile number and it is very beneficial for people who have lost their registered mobile number or deactivated for some reasons. So before starting the process, let us understand the use of the mobile number in aadhar card registration.

Mobile Number Registration

Aadhar card is an important government identity proof for every Indian citizen. It proves your address, biometric proof, and your photo identity proof. It is a card in which 12-digits of unique identity is code. This code is used to distinguish a person from another person. Moreover, the mobile number is compulsory because it is unique to every person. A two person can have the same name or address but the mobile number will distinguish them.

  • It doesn’t act like biometric data but the registered mobile number helps in downloading the form online
  • Update of other details in the aadhar card like—full name, address change, gender, and age.
  • The UIDAI website will send the OTP to the registered mobile number to authenticate the access to the particular account
  • If wards off the forged login into the account
  • Without mobile number—it will require a lengthy process to access and download your aadhar account.

However, the best part with the e aadhaar (digital aadhar card/softcopy of aadhar) is it is downloaded from the UIDAI in case aadhar card lost or damage. There is no need to go the nearest enrolment center and download the duplicate copy of aadhar card resembles the original one. Here in this article ‘how to download aadhar card without mobile number’ process is given that will save you lots of time.

Download Number Only

You might come across the situations when you need to download e-aadhar card via aadhar card portal and there you may need OTP to log in because the current mobile number might not receive any OTP.  In a scenario, you might google how to download aadhar card without mobile number YouTube or try other option to download the aadhar card when your mobile number does not get the OTP. Without OTP, you cannot download the aadhar card because OTP will move further to the next step of download in the portal.

Here is the systematic process of how to download aadhar card without mobile number and acknowledgment slip.

  • The process follows when the mobile number is not linked to the aadhar card or mobile number lost or SIM blocked.
  • First, you need to open the UIDAI website and click on the ‘Download aadhar’ under the ‘Aadhar enrolment’ option. For this, you can visit the link:
  • To download the aadhar card without mobile number or OTP, you need to remember your enrolment Id or aadhar card number.
  • Now go to the verified mobile number  and email address on the ‘Aadhar Service’ option
  • Once the page is open, select the enrolment id option and enter the name, enrolment id, mobile number or email ID.
  • Now click on the OTP number, the OTP number will generate and shared with the email ID or mobile number
  • Enter the mobile number and get the OTP to verify the mobile number. You will receive  the aadhar number on the same mobile number but for this you must enter your enrolment number
  • Once the OTP is valid, you can download the aadhar card and PDF. The PDF file will be password protected—the password can be your area pin or first 4 words of the name with date of birth year.

Steps by Step Guide

There is case when people lose their enrollment number and adhar card number both. In such cases, there is an alternate way to get your UID and EID without registered mobile number. Here are steps for how to download adhar card without any details

  • Go to the Aadhar enrolment section of the official website of the UIDAI and click on the option retrieve lost UID/EID
  • Fill out the form choosing either retrieval option of aadhar number or enrolment number.
  • Fill the personal details like name, email or mobile number, and enter security code. Later generate OTP.
  • After new page will display, click on the EID button as there is no registered mobile number
  • Now, enter the name with registered email address where you will receive OTP
  • Enter the OTP in the designated area and click on the verify OTP button to validate the OTP.
  • You will receive the enrolment number on the email address

It is easy to download the aadhar card without registered mobile number but this does not mean that you can skip the mobile number. The mobile number makes the work easy and it will save your time to follow these processes. Due to the strictness of government of India, now you cannot afford not having aadhar card as well.

How to Get Aadhar Card Number without Enrolment Number

The process is the same as mentioned above. First, you need to get your enrollment number on your email ID because there is no mobile number registered and follow the rest process as it is.


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