Aadhar Payment Application for Merchants

The banning of Rs. 500 and 1000 Notes Seems to be very Effective Decision to Reduce Corruption and reveal Black money. But at the Same time, People Belongs to Middle class and Lower Middle Class are Suffering from Shortage of New Notes.

The Alternative of this Problem is Go CASHLESS according to PM Narendra Modi. He wants to Make India More Digital. Digital in terms of Using Online Money Transfer Process. The Main Benefits of Cashless Economy is Less Corruption, High Transparency, Growth Of Economy and Much More. So, We have Seen that People are Using Online Payment Mode like PAYPAL, PAYTM, PAYU etc. There is also Option of Master and VISA Card but they are Charging Very High Extra Amount for Every Transaction.

To Solve this Problem UIDAI has Decided to Launch AADHAR PAYMENT APPLICATION. As we Seen in Our Earlier Post that Why There is Need of Aadhar Payment Application.

According to Government Aadhar Payment App will play an important role in making India a cashless economy. The Main Advantage of Aadhar Payment App is that It’s Helpful for Online Payment through Aadhar Card.

Aadhar Payment Application is Very Useful for Small Merchants to Accept Payments Online without Providing Every Info. Now Let’s See How Aadhar Payment App Work and How to Download Aadhar App.

Aadhar Payment Application

The App Is Specially Design for Small Merchants. In the First Step, They have to Download and Install the App in Their Devices.

In the First Step, You have to Download and Install the App in Your Devices.

You have to Connect Biometric Reader Machine with Your Aadhar Payment App.

When Customer wants to Buy any Goods They can Pay via that Biometric Reader. They just have to Provide their Aadhar Number to the Merchant.


Now, User have to Select the BANK Information where his/her Aadhar Card Number is Linked. After Entering the Aadhar Number it will Automatically Detect your Details. User/Customer Don’t have to Enter any Password or OTP to Make any Payments.

Download Aadhar App?

According to UIDAI Aadhar Payment Application will be Launched on 25th December. But Due to Some issue The App is Under Development Mode and It will Soon Available for Download. You can Also Download Aadhar Payment Application HERE once It will Available.

These are the Simple Steps to Download Aadhar Payment app for Android, IOS and Windows User.

  • For Android User First Visit Google Play Store and search for Aadhar Payment App in Search Bar.
  • Click on the “Download” button
  • Wait till the application is downloaded in Your Device.
  • Follow the instructions While Installing the App to install aadhar payment app as usual.

The Procedure to DOWNLOAD AADHAR PAY APP For IOS Users and Windows Users are Same as Android Users.

Now to Use this App You need one Biometric Reader. After that, You can Able to Receive Payments. The Aadhar Payment Application will eliminate all the problems associated with normal Payment systems like Cash and Cards.

Benefits of Aadhar Payment App

Here are Some Great Benefits of Aadhar App.

  • Most IMP is CASHLESS Transactions.
  • No Need of Password and OTP.
  • Easy and Fast Process.
  • No Need to Carry Plastic cards like Debit and Credit Cards with You all the Time.
  • Less Extra Charges than MASTER AND VIZA CARDS for Every Transaction.

Aadhaar Payment App Issues

Every Government Program has Some Pros and Cons. Earlier We have Seen that What are the Advantages of Aadhar Pay App but We Can’t Neglect the Problem that Aadhar Payment App will Suffer in Future. Problems are as follows.

The Positive Effect of the Aadhar Pay app Will takes very Long time after launching into the Market to get into the Competition with Other Cashless Transactions Option like Master and Visa Card.

Every Merchant has to Buy BIOMETRIC READER To make and Accept Payments from Buyers. (It Cost Around Rs. 2000 to 2500 and Available in Market)

The Main Problem is RURAL AREA People. Yes! We know that In rural Area Many People don’t Use any kind of Smart Devices they Still Pay Cash. So it is Possible that They don’t know the Exact Process How to Use New App.

Overall We can Say that It will take Some time to See the Effect of Aadhar Payment Application. But till now we can Hope for the Best.

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