Online UAN Activation Process

UAN is Universal Account Number and given to All EPFO Account Holder. UAN Number acts as an Umbrella that merges different EPF Account of the Same Employee by One Universal Account Number.UAN is a 12 Digit Unique Number that Assign to each employee by Employee Provident Fund of India.

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The main Purpose of UAN is when an Employee Join new company they will get new PF Account Number at this time it’s difficult to manage Multiple PF Accounts. To solve this Problem EPF has Introduced UAN Number to manage all the PF account at ease. Now employee needs to provide their UAN number to a New employer and their New PF account will Connect under UAN number.

UAN Login Portal

UAN Member Portal login is allowed by Unified Login Portal. When you Join a company You have to fill up an application Form to get your Universal account number. This process is done by your employer. He will provide you your UAN Number or The EPFO will send your UAN to your employer. You can also get your UAN number online at UAN Unified Portal as follows:

UAN Number

  • Now Click on UAN Number E-SEWA Option as given in Image.

Know UAN Status

  • You can see UAN Login Page. In this Page select Know UAN Status Option in Left bottom Side.

UAN Number

  • Select your state and office of jurisdiction.
  • Enter your EPF number and Establishment Code.

Once you enter all these details, click on the “Check Status” button. Immediately, it will show the status of your UAN. If it shows your “UAN is activated”, you can directly go and contact your employer.

Steps to Activate UAN Number

Activation of UAN number is very important in order to get all the benefits of UAN. here are the simple steps to follow to activate your UAN number at UAN unified Login Portal:

Activate UAN Number

  • Now Fill out all the details Like UAN Number, Enrollment ID, Adhar and PAN Card Number, Name, Date of birth, Mobile number, Email ID and at the end captcha code given in the last box.
  • After filling all the info click on “Get Authorization PIN” option.
  • Submit the PIN received in your mobile and activate your UAN Number.
  • After UAN Activation You can Generate your login ID and password to complete the registration process.

Documents to Link UAN

If you have joined new organization then you get new EPF Account and to Link your New EPF Account with Existing you need to Submit a few Documents to link Both of then using Single UAN Number. You need to submit the following documents:

  • Bank Account Details Like Bank Name, IFSC Code, Account Number, and Bank Branch Name.
  • KYC Document like Driving Licence, PAN Card, Passport, Election Card, Ration Card.
  • UAN Provided by Old Organization.

Now If you Don’t have your UAN Number then, in this Case, you need to Submit Following Documents.

  • Your Bank Details like Bank Name, Account Number, IFSC Code, Branch Name.
  • Previous Account Number of Old Organization.
  • Last Working Day of the previous Company.

KYC Documents

There are six KYC Documents required for the UAN. You can also Link all the KYC to your UAN Login Portal once you activate your UAN Number. Here is the list of documents:

  • Bank Account Number
  • Driving License
  • Election Card
  • Passport
  • Ration Card
  • ESIC Card

Download UAN

UAN Card contains your 12 digit UAN number and the process is very simple to generate UAN card online:

  • You need to Login to your UAN Unified Portal account with your UAN ID and Password which you have set earlier.
  • Go to the download menu and click the “Download UAN Card” button.
  • Click on the “Download” button. You can then download your UAN which you can either save or print.

You can use this UAN card for future use when you change any company.

Facilities of UAN

An Employee can get following facilities if they have UAN Number:

  • You can Download the UAN Card.
  • You will get your UAN Passbook to check your PF Balance from time to time.
  • Get a list of your previous member IDs.
  • Enter and update your KYC details.
  • Online eligibility of PF Withdrawal.
  • You can check EPF Claim Status online.
  • Edit personal details

Benefits of UAN Number

  • The UAN has made PF transfer very easy as all PF accounts will have the same UAN.
  • Easy and smooth PF account balance transfer procedure, even if you change some jobs. The UAN will remain the same in your entire professional career.
  • Employees will receive SMS notification as and when their PF is deposited. Each month when an employer deposits provident fund on your behalf, you will receive SMS notification. This will keep you updated about PF deduction.
  • Employees would be able to view, transfer and withdraw PF balance easily. They would be able to check transfer claim status, update KYC documents and download UAN card.
  • If you have a UAN, you can apply for online PF transfer.
  • UAN helps in making direct communication between EPFO and employees. Now, an employee doesn’t have to be dependent on his/her employer for PF balance transfer and withdrawal.

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