Unknown Features of Aadhar Card !!

In this article, we are going to cover some very useful Benefits of Aadhaar Card that every holder should know to get benefited during its use. Hope you will find worthy to know them. We are waiting for your feedback. Let’s get started;


This is achieved through the process of demographic and biometric de-duplication. The de-duplication process compares the resident’s demographic and biometric information, collected during the process of enrollment, with the records in the UIDAI database to verify if the resident is already in the database or not. An individual needs to enroll for Adhaar Card only once and after de-duplication, only one Aadhaar shall be generated. In case, the resident enrolls more than once, the subsequent enrollments will be rejected.


Aadhar Card can authenticate anywhere online gives nationwide portability. This is a very important feature because Every month Many Indians Migrated from one state to Another from Rural to Urban Civilization. So, Portability will help them to use Aadhar Card all over the Nation.

Aadhar Card Number generates Randomly

Aadhaar number will be generated Randomly and Every Aadhar number is UNIQUE. A person willing to enroll has to provide minimal demographic along with biometric information like Finger Prints, ID Proof, etc during the enrollment process.

All In One ID Proof

Aadhar Card contains almost all the details of Indian Citizen like Name, Address, Gender, Mobile Number, Biometrics, etc.

Scalable Technology Architecture

UID architecture is open and scalable. Resident’s data is stored centrally (at UIDAI) and authentication can be done online from anywhere in the country. Aadhaar Authentication service is built to handle 100 million authentications a day (This Indicates that UIDAI has Huge Capacity).

Aadhar Card has Open Source Technology

This card is also an Open source architecture precludes dependence on specific computer hardware, specific storage, specific OS, specific database vendor, or any specific vendor technologies to scale. Hence, such applications are built using open source or open technologies and structured to address scalability in a vendor-neutral manner and allow coexistence of heterogeneous hardware within the same application.

Empower Poor Community

Aadhar Card will empower poor and underprivileged residents in accessing services such as the formal banking system and give them the opportunity to easily avail various other services provided by the Government and the private sector.

Aadhar Card Requires getting LPG Subsidy

Recently PM Modi has announced one Great Yojana. So now, according to Yojana, Customer Needs to link their Aadhar Card to get LPG Subsidy. The subsidy will be directly transferred to the bank account. According to PM Modi, This Scheme will make System Transparent and Reduce Corruption.

So, guys, these were the features we wanted to let you know. Which feature you like the most out of all Benefits of Aadhaar Card, please let us know.

Thanks for your feedback & time.

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