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With the boom of the banking sector and the internet, another sector that zoomed recently is net banking. Earlier, people have to go to the bank for every kind of banking work—from the transaction, opening account, a deposit of cash, to availing other facilities. Now with the internet, everything is available online that is called as Net banking. There are various banks either government sector or private sector provides this service online. One of the banks is Vijaya bank and it provides net banking service named as Vnetbanking or vijaya bank net banking.

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It allows customers of Vijaya bank to perform online transactions via a website interface. The entire Vijaya bank customer can get the net banking facility by filling the application form of vnetbanking and submit it to the nearest branch. By availing this facility, one can operate his/her account 24*7*365 anytime and anywhere. You will provide with the User Id and password so that you can access your account at your convenience. If you have Vijaya Bank account then you can activate your vNetbanking account or you can download the registration form from the official website. After registration, you will get the User Id and password in your main within a week. Make sure you have registered email id with the bank. Moreover, you can operate a loan with net banking.

Vijaya Bank Online Balance Enquiry

For Vijaya bank online balance inquiry, you need to visit the online site of Vijaya bank and login to the account. At first step, you are required to change the user login password and set the transaction password. You can either set the high-security password or make it OTP that you will receive every time when you start a transaction.  For accessing the vnetbanking, you will receive two passwords—login password and transaction password. The login password will be used to login to the net banking account and if you are transferring money to someone, you need a transaction password. Moreover, you can link your account to different branches with one user ID.

Vijaya Bank Netbanking-Registration

The Vijaya Bank net banking registration form is available on the website of Vijaya bank, download the form from there or visit the nearest bank to fill the form and activate the net banking manually. At the bank, you need to fill the form completely and submit to the branch. Later this process, you will get the user-ID and transaction ID to access the account. You have the privilege to change the user ID and password while login.

Activate Vijaya Bank NetBanking

  • Visit the Vijaya bank official site to login into the account
  • Click on the vnetbanking or retail banking or corporate banking as per need.
  • To proceed further, click to continue
  • In retail banking, user ID and password is needed and you need to fill the captcha provided in the box
  • The corporate customers need to enter the corporate user ID and password to access the account.

Vijaya Bank Mobile Banking

Now, people prefer mobile banking rather than net banking because mobile is the handiest device people carry these days. That is why many banks have launched mobile banking for their customers. Vijaya Bank mobile banking provides the customer with a secure and convenient way of banking from anywhere, anytime, and handy banking just a way of pressing the mobile button. The mobile service is available as a mobile banking application on Google or plays store and app store of iOS. People can download the application to use it. It is most secure net banking because the customer need to compromise with the information like pin number or debit card details

  • Download the app
  • Create the user Id and Password for mobile banking
  • There are two kinds of passwords—one is for login and other is for the transaction
  • You can log out the account from your device and log in again
  • This is the easiest way to transfer money anywhere, at any time from mobile vnet banking

Basic Requirements

  • Customer must have Vijaya bank account with Vijaya bank retail details like issued ATM and Debit card
  • Mobile must be a smartphone with java enabled
  • Must have GRPS enabled
  • Bluetooth
  • condition to transfer data through the data cable

Online Registration Debit Card

While opening the account at Vijaya Bank—it issues the debit card to the account holders in association with VISA or RuPay. You can use the debit card at ATMs, for merchant establishment, and for e-commerce. It is accepted at all the VISA and NFS network bank ATMs in India and in a foreign country also.

The Vijaya bank cardholder needs to visit the Vijaya bank ATM to register the mobile number or can do it online through net banking. Follow the process for Vijaya Bank online registration debit card on the internet. Go to the vbv registration

  • visit the Vijaya bank website
  • go to the  Card Services—Verified by Visa / MasterCard SecureCode
  • Click for Registration of New User
  • Enter the card details
  • On the successful verification of card details, the cardholder is required to select the option for OTP like—mobile number and email id both
  • Only mobile number or mobile number/email does not match—register later
  • The cardholder will be shown on which registered mobile number and email the OTP is sent
  • The user selects the option for OTP
  • Once the OTP option is selected—the user will be directed to the next page where the OTP needs to filled
  • Now click on the submit button—this will successfully register the VISA/Master card Secure Code
  • Use the static password to login to the profile website

Customer Care

The bank is available at your doorstep with Vijaya bank net banking customer care service. You can contact the bank for getting any information or file complaints regarding internet banking. Call the toll-free number 18004259992 or 18004255885 or 18004254066.

  • Telephone number (0) 080 -25584066
  • Or email on—

Moreover, for any product and service information call above toll-free number. Alternatively, if you need any specific information or clarification of the bank service, contact at the head office of Vijaya Bank branch located nearby. You can Google the Vijaya Bank near me location to visit the nearest branch.

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