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UIDAI is a website for unique identification authority of India. This functions under the planning commission of India that manages the aadhar number and aadhar identification cards. The government builds the website so that every citizen can apply for aadhar card, check the status, correct it, update it and download the card. UIDAI is open to everyone where you can check card status with 14-digits enrolment number. How to perform UIDAI GOV Check Your Aadhaar Status for Only Indian Citizen.

When a person applies for the card, he/she is allotted with the 14-digits enrolment number that shows the application enrolment number of an individual. Through this number once can check card status.

What is UIDAI? card status card status

UIDAI is an individual unit assigns a unique identity number to every Indian citizen if they apply for it. Under this scheme, every person is allotted with a unique 12-digits number that will be proof of his or her demographic and biometric information such as Indian resident, photo identity, fingerprint, and iris print.

Currently, plethora identity cards documents are allotted by the government including PAN cards, passport, ration card, and driving license. There may be a confusion that aadhar card may replace these identity proofs but this not true in case of aadhar card. This will not replace other identity card but can be used as a sole identity. Nowadays, this is a sole requirement for the banks to know the customer, financial institutions, business, and other firms to maintain the employee or customer profile. Hence, if have applied for this card, check its card status through the website.

Where Is This Card Used?

Eventually, the government is making it sole identity proof of an individual. As it contains the whole identity of a person including blood group. With the help of this identity number, Indians can use those services, which they are denied for due to lack of proper id proof.

An Indian resident can only apply for this aadhar card by applying at online. And taking an appointment at the nearest aadhar center. One can apply for the card online and book an appointment at the aadhar center so that they can give their iris and fingerprint along with the photograph. They must carry the existing identity proof like passport, PAN, ration card, driving license etc. for address proof they can carry—phone and electricity bill, bank statement, etc.

One can apply for this card by visiting at the nearest center (you can search the center on the website by entering the area name or pin code address). Rest the process is but you have to fill the form offline and give all the details over there. Now when all the process of scanning is done, you will be allotted with the 14-digits enrolment number so that you can track your card status via card status online.

How to Check UIDAI Card Status?

When you have applied for the card, make sure all the information filled is correct and you do not need to change it and update it. While registration a mobile number and email-id are required so that you can track your card status online. For this, you must know your 14-digits enrolment number, date, time, and mobile number on which you will receive OTP. Here are simple steps to track aadhar card and know its status through the official website.

  • Open the website
  • The page will be open where you need to fill the enrolment number, date, and time of the aadhar application.
  • Enter the date in the dd/mm/yyyy and time in hh:mm: ss format
  • Enter the security code given in the box
  • Click on the check aadhar status
  • If you have allotted with the aadhar number, it will send to your mobile number
  • If you are not allotted with the aadhar number, it will show the current status of the application

There are other two ways to download aadhar card—via SMS and helpline range.

SMS Method

Another method to track your aadhar card is simply track to aadhar card status check through SMS service. Usually, people choose online to check the status because through SMS. You need to send SMS to your registered mobile number. Send 14-digits enrolment number to the 51969. You will receive a message in a minute stating the present status of the aadhar card. If the aadhar card will be dispatched, you will receive a notification message of dispatch.

Helpline range

The best service by the UIDAI is starting a helpline number who do not know how to access online service. This is toll-free number hence anybody can use it free of cost. Dial 1800-300-1947, a customer care executive will answer the phone—you need to tell the 14-digits enrolment number, date, and time of the enrolment. They will tell you the card status via call. Moreover, if the card is dispatched, you can track its status at the nearest post office.

The card status will display if you will follow the exact steps mentioned above. If the card is ready but not yet dispatched to your house and you need urgently then here are steps to download it. Follow these steps to download your e-Aadhar card and get PDF of soft copy. However, if the card is not ready within 60-90 days then you need to call at aadhar card inquiry and confirm the card status. If there is any fault in filling the application form, the card may reject. In this case, you need to apply for a new card or fill now application form.

Go to the UIDAI and look for aadhar card options where you will find aadhar card download. Click on the option, enter either aadhar card number or enrolment number with pin code address, security code, and click on the send OTP. The OTP will be received at your mobile number. Enter the details in the required field and verify it to download the e aadhar card. You will direct to the page where aadhar card digital PDF is downloaded. Enter the pin code as a password to open the PDF.

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